Braden winch

PACCAR Winch Division has an unprecedented range of winches and offers solutions for a wide variety of industrial and marine applications. Paccar’s winches are manufactured under the brand names Braden, Cargo and Gearmatic.

Single or two speed motors and multiple drum sizes available

The different application areas are:

  •     Maritime industry
  •     Oil & Gas and Offshore
  •     Cranes
  •     Trailer
  •     Dredging


Planetary Hoists

The planetary hoists are designed for long-life and efficient operation. From the compact, powerful BG-Series to the solid construction of the CH-Series, each winch is crafted to meet the performance demands of a variety of applications.Range : from 1300 kg to 29.1 mt:

Recovery winches

The H-Series is a compact planetary winch designed for long life and efficient operation in small-core drill rig and recovery applications. Dynamic and static braking features provide safe, smooth operation. High-efficiency anti-friction bearings are used throughout the winch to ensure long service life. The H-Series features two gear ratios and a variety of motor options.