Esco Power HESP cabinet

Specific for hybrid command, E-control elements built-in as mentioned at items, including wiring, relays and accessories. ON/OFF buttons to switch ON/OFF the hybrid elements in the machinery room.

Built in Frequency drive with DC line 530-700 VDC in IP55 locker with air cooling. In DC feeding mode the inverter is 4 quadrants, through this the motor can work as a generator or motor. DC fuses and on-load switch will be supplied by the customer.

Built in PLC, controlling all hybrid operations and communications (see hybrid power control software)

Built in Control box for diesel engine and marine gear: Electronic control of Diesel engine & marine gear and connections to lever head control.

Cables for power and communication wiring between all HESP components following documents : “Communication and installation requirements” and HESP single scheme driveline installation.

Hybrid Power Control Software gives your installation full control of Hybrid propulsion with possible modes of operation: electric-dieselautomatic- generator and Back-Up mode: bypass of hybrid control to normal diesel operation. Including communication with Battery Management System and diesel engine.

Local Commissioning : 3 days shipyard for installation support & local commissioning.