Hybride electric solution package

Esco Power has developed a complete Hybrid Electric Solution Package HESP. This package consists of a compact efficient electric motor, a complete electrical cabinet with installed frequency inverter, PLC and diesel engine control box. All hybrid functions are controlled and shown on a 7’’ or 15’’ touch screen.

A high quality lever head and mode select buttons give you an easy and perfect hybrid command. When choosing ‘diesel mode’, PHT clutch will be engaged and conventional way of diesel navigating is selected. Your lever leads you from idle to maximum diesel power and speed.

When choosing ‘electric mode’, PHT clutch will disengage diesel engine from driveline. Your lever gives full movement with E-power only, up to maximum allowed with the installed E-power. Allowing you to shutdown the diesel engine.

When choosing ‘automatic mode’, you select a unique HESP operation mode : Your lever operates first with a limited movement in E-propulsion up to what is maximum allowed with E-power installed and then switches automatically, after synchronizing with diesel speed, to diesel power, and goes with continued lever movement up to maximum diesel power and speed.

When in diesel mode or in diesel operation, the generator mode can be selected to generate power to the batteries. When selecting marine gear override, you can generate power to the batteries at quay or at anchoring, keeping marine gear in neutral position.

Last but not least, the HESP system provides a Back-Up mode ! To secure operations, the hybrid system can be switched off and you can operate in the conventional way as emergency system.

Batteries, battery management system and shore connection can be offered in association with a battery specialist partner.

Of course, we can complete the solution package with a proper Twin Disc marine gear, preferably a QuickShift® model for the extremely soft and fast engagements.



Electric Cabinet

Specific for hybrid command, E-control elements built-in as mentioned at items, including wiring, relays and accessories. ON/OFF buttons to switch ON/OFF the hybrid elements in the machinery room.

Hybrid control system

The hybrid control system based on a dedicated controller, a touch screen and a speed handle is the brain of the system. The controller collects a lot of external information as propeller speed, diesel motor speed, status of clutch, is driven by the speed handle and shows the main drive parameters on the dashboard. Each controller is specially programmed following the vessel specifications. The controller can communicate with other automation systems on the ship with Ethernet or other specific network communication system.



The electric motor is driven by a dedicated frequency inverter. This inverter is speed and torque controlled in order to provide the requested power to the propeller shaft depending on the operation mode. In the electric operation, the inverter controls the motor in speed mode. When the diesel motor take over, in order to provide a smooth transition, the speed of the electric motor is synchronised on the diesel motor speed and the drive is switched in torque control mode.

Electric motor

The electric motor/generator is a custom made induction machine. The torque/speed curve of the motor must be chosen in accordance with the application in order to provide sufficient power at low speed. Power range of the motor goes from 20 kW to more than 200 kW. The cooling of the motor is very important for a good and reliable operation: the motor is liquid cooled with an active cooling media temperature monitor. Thanks to the transmission gear unit, the speed of the electric motor can be higher than the Diesel motor speed allowing more power in the same frame size.