Esco Power Hybride solution

As part of the Belgian Esco-group, Esco Power is known for solutions in transmissions for industry and marine applications. It’s logic that they were asked for hybrid solutions for these markets. Looking to the market, they didn’t find any optimum proposal. So Esco Power decided to develop a complete new and unique concept, especially for heavy duty applications. The Parallel Hybrid Transmission PHT was born!

This gives the best of both worlds, as diesel and electric can be used whenever the operator requests or needs and in the optimum curve field. Now we can perfectly show you in our facility how it works even including an automatic mode of operating, going from electric to diesel mode. Don't hesitate and make an appointment to see how to go into the hybrid era !

Esco Power gave a new dimension to the marine hybrid transmission. With all his features, this parallel marine hybrid transmission PHT is unique and is successful to bring all installed electric power available at the driveline of each vessel : Commercial boats, workboats, yachts, tugboats, fishing vessels, passenger vessels ... all hybrid marine propulsion applications are possible.

Also Industrial hybrid applications are using our PHT for his features, robustness and easy to install.

Parallel Hybrid Transmissions PHT

The Parallel Hybrid Transmissions, designed for heavy duty applications with diesel engines from 200 HP to 1500 HP, has a built‐in 24 or 110 VDC electro‐magnetic clutch working independently from any other part of transmission to engage and disengage the diesel engine from the driveline. The PHT has an input housing SAE 0‐1‐2‐3 and SAE 11.5”, 14” or 18” elastic coupling for direct connection to the engine housing and flywheel.

Hybrid Electric Solution Package HESP

Esco Power has developed a complete Hybrid Electric Solution Package HESP. This package consists of a compact efficient electric motor, a complete electrical cabinet with installed frequency inverter, PLC and diesel engine control box. All hybrid functions are controlled and shown on a 7’’ or 15’’ touch screen.

Parallel Hybrid Solutions - Video

Our Partners

Our sales partners can help you in your country: analysing your projects, providing your information's about our PHT and HESP systems, preparing you the best quotation to equip your vessel.

All our partners have a long experience in marine applications, they can assist you for the complete project. With the support of the engineers of Esco Power, your project will be analysed with all the necessary attention and you will receive de best assistance from the initial discussions to the full realization of the project.