Esco Power PHT

The Parallel Hybrid Transmissions PHT is designed for heavy duty applications with diesel engines from 200 HP to 1500 HP.

The PHT unit can be easily built in with SAE connections between the diesel engine and the marine gear, is equipped with elastic coupling to connect diesel engine flywheel and has a strong electro-magnetic clutch 24 or 110 VDC to connect or disconnect diesel engine from the driveline. The PHT has an extremely efficient helicoidal gear train.
The unique integrated ratio of 1,47 or 1,70 makes your E-power more effective at the driveline. Due to this your installed E-power
with PHT is the most effective of the market! Power curves confirm this. Many customers recognize happily the value of PHT !

This feature is giving following advantages:  

  • We can optimize the speed for generator/electric motor to get optimum efficiency
  • By increasing speed to PTO, size of electric parts decreases
  • By reducing speed from PTI, torque of motor increases
  • Unit can be installed vertically or horizontally (using optional pump)
  • Output housing SAE 1 and 14” connection to mount directly marine gear or output flange


  •     Oil pump kit for forced lubrication and/or cooling
  •     Speeds sensor at PTO/PTI
  •     Electric oil level sensor
  •     Silicon temperature sensor


    Advantages of our PHT system:

  •     Due to a very strong PTO/PTI a large electrical generator/motor can be mounted.
  •     Due to the ratio a smaller electrical package can be installed at higher rpm.
  •     Longer service life time of diesel engine.
  •     Dual electrical use as generator and as motor.
  •     By reducing speed from the PTI, the torque of the motor increases.
  •     Unit can be installed vertically or horizontally (with additional oil pump kit).
  •     Ships which require full engine power for a short time can install a smaller diesel engine by adding electric power when needed.
  •     Generated electricity can be stored in batteries or used for on board systems.
  •     Bureau Veritas approval is available.


Unique PHT

For many reasons we are looking, beside the conventional diesel drive, to alternative drive line solutions: redressing pollution, fuel consumption, new environmental regulations, efficiency and diesel lifetime improvement and to be ahead on the future !

PHT operations

Three different operation modes are possible. The transition between modes is smooth and is automatically selected by the PHT controller to optimize the propulsion of the vessel.

When the diesel engine is running, the clutch is engaged and drives directly the marine gear or transmission. Thanks to the PHT, the diesel engine also drives the electrical generator.

The PHT in electrical mode disconnects the diesel engine by disengaging the clutch, thus the diesel engine can be shut down