Hybride propulsion power curve

For many reasons we are looking, beside the conventional diesel drive, to alternative drive line solutions: redressing pollution, fuel consumption, new environmental regulations, efficiency and diesel lifetime improvement and to be ahead on the future !

PHT ratio makes your installed E-power completely available on the propeller driveline !

  • More E-power performance on the propeller curve.
  • More reserve on use in the entire E-power range.
  • Smaller E-power installation package can be considered.

Comparing different hybrid solutions, we can conclude that the performance with PHT ratio is the best :

  • PHT-ratio 1,7: E-power 75 kW/1800rpm will be able to propel up to ±1000 rpm (before marine gear)
  • Hybrid-no ratio: E-power 75 kW/1800rpm will be able to propel up to ±750 rpm (before marine gear),
  • Hybrid with high speed E-motor and no ratio is not able to operate by E-power above ± 600rpm (before MG).

PHT high efficient helicoidal gear train gives a very strong PTO/PTI, transmit up to 1500 Nm

  • Up to 300 kW E-power can be installed
  • No need to split E-power in 2 or more connections/motors
  • No need to synchronize multiple E-motors and frequency inverters.

PHT electro-magnetic clutch working independently from any other part of transmission to engage and disengage the diesel engine from the driveline.