TwinDisc Land-based applications

From road pavers to cranes, mining trucks to logging equipment, airport firefighting vehicles to agricultural machinery, Twin Disc products are there putting horsepower to work. They leverage the engineering and applications know-how to help customers meet their most demanding challenges, collaborating for continuing success.

Power Take Offs & Clutches

Mechanical Power Take Off

The Twin Disc PTO unit consists out of a manually engaged dry disc coupling with one, two or three discs, assembled on a shaft and bearings and mounted in cast iron housing, manufactured according to the SAE Standards, which provides easy engine installation.

Hydraulic Power Take Offs

Twin Disc HPTO

Twin Disc has developed a series of self-adjusting, hydraulically actuated clutch PTOs for industrial and marine markets. The HP300 and HP600 PTOs are designed for inputs up to 1200 hp and are suitable for a wide range of applications including pumps, waterjets, thrusters, elevators, mixers, centrifugal compressors, chippers, mills and grinders.

Pump drives

The pump drives allow the contemporary running of two or more hydraulic pumps from a single prime mover. All models can be prepared for various applications:

  •     Basic (B) for independent mounting
  •     With an overcenter industrial clutch (BD) (BDS)
  •     With housing and coupling connection for diesel engines.

Constructively the pump drives consist of:

Torque Converters & Transmissions

Let Twin Disc torque converters help your engines operate in the most efficient speed range, producing rated horsepower regardless of load demand. By transmitting torque through fluid mass in motion, Twin Disc converters eliminate mechanical connections and reduce or eliminate the need for shifting, clutching and declutching.

Twin Disc custom solutions draw on extensive applications expertise and a wide array of single-stage stationary and rotating converters, three-stage converters, and numerous types, sizes, capacities, and input/output combinations:

Air Clutches

Twin Disc PO Air Clutches, available in sizes up to 1067 mm (42 in), are designed to give the user maximum dependability and lowest possible installation and operating costs. They are used extensively by leading manufacturers of drilling rigs, draw works, rock crushers, tractor winches, pipe-extruding machines, machine tools, pug mills and other industrial equipment. Twin Disc PO Air Clutches are available in triple-plate, double-plate and single-plate construction.

Model PO Medium Air Clutches

Variable Speed Drive (UCD)

The Universal Control Drive is a variable speed drive classified in the category of adjustable couplings. Power is transmitted by a modulated clutch mounted in a housing acting as support and oil sump.

The basic torque transmission components of the UCD are similar to those of a multi-disc clutch. A stack of friction discs compressed to a greater or lesser degree are mounted alternately on the driving and driven shafts.