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Esco Parallel Hybrid Solution

Introduction to Parallel Hybrid Drive

Parallel Hybrid Drive Solution PHD420 consists of both diesel engine and an electric motor coupled. As they are paired at an axis in parallel, the speeds at this axis must be identical if they would be working together supplied torque would must be added together. In our case diesel motor is used for normal operation, start ups, and to charge battery pack of electric motor acting as a generator. While vehicle/boat is running with electric motor, diesel motor stays disconnected, this means when only one of two sources is being used, the other must rotate in an idling manner, be connected by one way-clutch. In our solution engagement and disengagement of diesel motor is provided by electro-magnetic clutch, the combustion engine is dominant, electric motor turns on demand: reasons for it might be various: fuel consumption limitation while monotonous drive, noise limitation restrictions in the cities, harbours operations, limitation of exhaust fumes in turistic locations etc.

Parallel Hybrid Drive 420 Diagram

Main characteristics of Esco Parallel Hybrid Drive Solution

- Intermediate transmission with input en output SAE connections

- Standard engine and transmission-marine gear can be used

- Clutch to disengage engine from transmission, electro-magnetically or hydraulic with internal pump

- PTO for generator, which also can be used as PTI

- Transmission to PTO/PTI with ratio or 1/1

(where PTO stands for Power Take Off and PTI Power Take In).

Your Parallel Hybrid Drive Solution

If you have question how to implement hybrid solution into driving line of your vehicle or boat do not hesitate to contact us directly.


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