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Hybrid Electric Solution Package

The Hybrid Electric Solution Package (HESP) is the electric hardware and software to operate your hybrid system. On the hardware side, It is composed with an electric motor, frequency inverter, specific hybrid control unit based on PLC managing the hybrid operation, plus indication if gen‐mode is in operation, pick‐ups for PHT required for software. On the software side, full control of Diesel engine, electric motor and hybrid function in (automatic) mode is standard available. Our automation engineers can adapt this software to your specific application if needed. All control features are displayed on a wide glass touch screen showing all hybrid propulsion parameters & control.

Batteries, battery management system and shore connection can be offered in association with a battery specialist partner.

Of course, we can complete the solution package with a proper Twin Disc Marine Gear, preferably a QuickShift® model for his extremely soft and fast engagements.

Wherever needed, Esco Power, member of the Esco Group with 70 years of experience provides service & distribution of Power Transmissions for your Diesel- and Hydraulic engines in Marine and Industrial Applications. Our team specialized in selection, sales and after sales as well as our products itself are made it possible to offer you the right solution for every marine or industrial application. TWIN DISC Marine Gearboxes & Industrial Power Transmissions Power Take Off`s  Pump Drives, BRADEN-CARCO-GEARMATIC Winches Carco Hoists & Planetary Gearboxes, Nam Jet High-torque & Low speed Water Jets, Transfluid Fluid Couplings, Clutches, Power Take Off`s, Brakes, RBD & Multi Pump Drives TWIN DISC TECHNODRIVE Pump Drives, Power Take Off`s, Gearboxes and Couplings,  CENTA Elastic couplings, MEKANORD Marine Transmissions, COMER Planetary Drives, Axles, OMSI Split-Shafts and Axles, Esco Couplings Rigid & Flexible Couplings, FUNK Transmissions Pump Drives Axles. Esco Power is experienced with designing very demanding drive lines for varies applications like: heavy duty crushers, emergency drive lines, ventilation systems, mixers, parallel hybrid drives etc. Not only we design and sell we do also provide service and have big inventory for spare parts for all these products.