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Twin Disc Technodrive


Since February 1999, TECHNODRIVE is part of the group TWIN DISC and it is named TWIN DISC TECHNODRIVE.


PTO’s BD and BDS type

The BD unit consists out of a manually engaged dry disc coupling with one, two or three discs, assembled on a shaft and bearings and mounted in cast iron housing, which may be coupled directly to Diesel engines with SAE flanges.more...

Pump drives

The pump drives allow the contemporary running of two or more hydraulic pumps from a single prime mover. more...

Pump adaptors

Thanks to the availability of bell housings and couplings, we can offer a complete kit to couple a wide range of hydraulic pumps.more...

RM Gearbox

These gearboxes have been designed to couple diesel engine; they allow to operate an utilizer requiring an input speed different from the diesel engine speed.more...

Hydraulic Power Take off

Multiple disc clutch in oil bath hydraulically operated with 24 VDC solenoid selector for remote control.more...

Wherever needed, Esco Power, member of the Esco Group with 70 years of experience provides service & distribution of Power Transmissions for your Diesel- and Hydraulic engines in Marine and Industrial Applications. Our team specialized in selection, sales and after sales as well as our products itself are made it possible to offer you the right solution for every marine or industrial application. TWIN DISC Marine Gearboxes & Industrial Power Transmissions Power Take Off`s  Pump Drives, BRADEN-CARCO-GEARMATIC Winches Carco Hoists & Planetary Gearboxes, Nam Jet High-torque & Low speed Water Jets, Transfluid Fluid Couplings, Clutches, Power Take Off`s, Brakes, RBD & Multi Pump Drives TWIN DISC TECHNODRIVE Pump Drives, Power Take Off`s, Gearboxes and Couplings,  CENTA Elastic couplings, MEKANORD Marine Transmissions, COMER Planetary Drives, Axles, OMSI Split-Shafts and Axles, Esco Couplings Rigid & Flexible Couplings, FUNK Transmissions Pump Drives Axles. Esco Power is experienced with designing very demanding drive lines for varies applications like: heavy duty crushers, emergency drive lines, ventilation systems, mixers, parallel hybrid drives etc. Not only we design and sell we do also provide service and have big inventory for spare parts for all these products.