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Twin Disc

Twin Disc is the leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of power transmission equipment for industrial and marine application. Experience in business keeps Twin Disc a market Top Leader. Esco Power is almost 60 years official and loyal Twin Disc Distributor and Service Center.


Marine Gears

From the smallest to the largest high-speed diesel-powered pleasure craft to a myriad of commercial boat applications, Twin Disc has marine transmission systems that precisely fit the horsepower and operating needs of each.more...

Power Commander

Twin Disc has been making boats perform better and more reliably. The in-depth knowledge of all sorts of marine craft - pleasure and commercial - leads Twin Disc to offer successful, relevant products.more...

Express Joystick

The Twin Disc Express Joystick System (EJS™) absolutely revolutionizes docking and slow speed maneuvering of diesel powered, conventional driveline boats.more...

Rolla Propellers

With the addition of Rolla Propellers to Twin Discmore...

Arneson Surface Drives

For the ultimate in speed, maneuverability, efficiency and dependability, nothing matches Twin Disc Arneson Surface Drives. more...

Sail Boat Drives

The SeaProp60 saildrive is a propulsion system for sailboats with engines rated up to 56 kW (75 hp) @ 3600 rpm. Sailboat manufacturers and operators alike benefit from this systemmore...

Prises de force et Embrayages mécaniques

L'appareil se compose essentiellement d'un embrayage à un, deux ou trois disques, calé sur un arbre et logé dans un carter cloche en fonte dont la bride, confor,e aux nor, es SAE...more...

Prises de force hydraulique HPTO

Unités de construction compacte et légère, comprenant dans un carter fermé, un embrayage multidisques à commande hydralique avec un asservissement mécanique ou électro-magnétique 24 V. cc. more...

Embrayages pneumatiques

Twin Disc PO Air Clutches, available in sizes up to 1067 mm (42 in), are designed to give the user maximum dependability and lowest possible installation and operating costsmore...

Torque Converters & Transmissions

Twin Disc transmission products are used in agricultural, all-terrain specialty vehicle and military applications. Twin Disc produces industrial products such as power take-offs, mechanical, hydraulic and modulating clutches. more...

Marine Control Drive (MCD)

The Marine Control Drive or MCD is a variable speed drivemore...

Wherever needed, Esco Power, member of the Esco Group with 70 years of experience provides service & distribution of Power Transmissions for your Diesel- and Hydraulic engines in Marine and Industrial Applications. Our team specialized in selection, sales and after sales as well as our products itself are made it possible to offer you the right solution for every marine or industrial application. TWIN DISC Marine Gearboxes & Industrial Power Transmissions Power Take Off`s  Pump Drives, BRADEN-CARCO-GEARMATIC Winches Carco Hoists & Planetary Gearboxes, Nam Jet High-torque & Low speed Water Jets, Transfluid Fluid Couplings, Clutches, Power Take Off`s, Brakes, RBD & Multi Pump Drives TWIN DISC TECHNODRIVE Pump Drives, Power Take Off`s, Gearboxes and Couplings,  CENTA Elastic couplings, MEKANORD Marine Transmissions, COMER Planetary Drives, Axles, OMSI Split-Shafts and Axles, Esco Couplings Rigid & Flexible Couplings, FUNK Transmissions Pump Drives Axles. Esco Power is experienced with designing very demanding drive lines for varies applications like: heavy duty crushers, emergency drive lines, ventilation systems, mixers, parallel hybrid drives etc. Not only we design and sell we do also provide service and have big inventory for spare parts for all these products.