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Variable Speed Drive (UCD)

Twin Disc UCD

The Universal Control Drive is a variable speed drive classified in the category of adjustable couplings. Power is transmitted by a modulated clutch mounted in a housing acting as support and oil sump.

The basic torque transmission components of the UCD are similar to those of a multi-disc clutch. A stack of friction discs compressed to a greater or lesser degree are mounted alternately on the driving and driven shafts.

The clutch comprises a stack of discs which are free to move axially they are fixed alternatively to the driven and driving shafts. The number of discs and their size depend upon the power to be transmitted. Some discs are in steel, others have a steel core covered by porous material; they are grooved to allow oil to flow continuously between them. Consequently the torque is transmitted through a hydro-viscous media and without wear as the discs are not in contact during the slipping phase. When lock-up is achieved, the input and output speeds are synchronised; thus efficiency is maximum (99%). This advantage is important versus other couplings where output shaft slip relative to the input shaft is required to transmit the torque. Advantages:

  • Use of standard and cheap squirrel cage motors

  • Control can be manual, pneumatic or electrical and can give speed regulation controlled by parameters varying with the driving speed such as pressure, flow, liquid level, etc …

  • Direct, instantaneous response and accurate regulation

  • Starting-up a motor under no-load conditions and progressive acceleration of the driven machine in conjunction with application requirements

  • Silent operation even at high speed

  • No monitoring, no special maintenance requiring skilled labour

  • High efficiency

  • Low investment cost

  • No generation of harmonics and interference in the power supply network

  • On existing installations, no requirement to change the motor nor the pump

Range of Units:

The UCD covers a power range of 160 to 3000 kW at 3000 rpm. The whole range is covered by 5 basic models.

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