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  • Welcome to Esco Power
    Your partner for
    Parallel Hybrid Solutions
    Parallel Hybrid Transmission, Hybrid Electric Solution Package,
    Battery systems
  • PHT by Esco Power
    Parallel Hybrid Transmission
    Designed for heavy duty applications -
    Available ratios: 1,27 - 1,47 or 1,70
  • HESP - Hybrid Electric
    Solution Package
    Efficient E-machines, frequency inverters, PLC system enclosed
    in cabinet, command levers & screens, mode selection panels and
    tailored software to run modes as:
    Diesel – Electric – Automatic – Generating – Single/Cross-feed
  • EPB - Esco Power Battery
    Battery storage systems
    Compact and Safe LFP type battery storage systems
    tailored to E-machines used with permanent monitoring
    by battery management system.
  • Parallel Hybrid Solutions
    by Esco Power
    Request a complete parallel hybrid solution
    with PHT, HESP and EP Battery system.
Drive System Solutions

Innovative drive technology for special requirements

ESCO is a family owned and run business specialized in designing, manufacturing, selling and distributing power transmission products and services. Our value proposition is built on three main pillars: custom designed quality solutions, outstanding service and short lead times.
ESCO operates in multiple European countries, in China and in India through wholly owned subsidiaries.

The group can further rely on a tight-knit network of distributors who promote our brand in more than 25 countries around the world.