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  • Welcome to Esco Power
    Your partner for
    Parallel Hybrid Solutions
    Parallel Hybrid Transmission, Hybrid Electric Solution Package,
    Battery systems
  • PHT by Esco Power
    Parallel Hybrid Transmission
    Designed for heavy duty applications -
    Available ratios: 1,27 - 1,47 or 1,70
  • HESP - Hybrid Electric
    Solution Package
    Efficient E-machines, frequency inverters, PLC system enclosed
    in cabinet, command levers & screens, mode selection panels and
    tailored software to run modes as:
    Diesel – Electric – Automatic – Generating – Single/Cross-feed
  • EPB - Esco Power Battery
    Battery storage systems
    Compact and Safe LFP type battery storage systems
    tailored to E-machines used with permanent monitoring
    by battery management system.
  • Parallel Hybrid Solutions
    by Esco Power
    Request a complete parallel hybrid solution
    with PHT, HESP and EP Battery system.